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About Server Texture

We have prepared unique textures for everyone to enjoy in UMCS.

This is an example of glow stone, but if you introduce server texture, it will be displayed as above.

This is the state where textures does not introduce.

Experiences such as attractions may not be sufficient

How to Enable Server Texture -> Check it out

Server Version will change


Now, We are working on changing the server version in UMCS.
I had you connect conventionally,it will be changed to 1.12.2 instead of 1.8.8.

Universal Minecraft Studios Infrastructure Management Department

Homepage Renewal

We have renewed the website of Universal Minecraft Studios. I think it has become a homepage that conveys the charm of our reproduced world.

Also, as I will explain in detail in another notice, please be aware that the version of Minecraft will also be changed from the previous 1.8.8.

We look forward to your continued support of Universal Minecraft Studios.

Universal Minecraft Studios
Managers : erumoppy Ru1x amanara

Recommendation Environment

About products

Regular edition Minecraft(Version : 1.12.2)*
・Minectaft Forge(1.12.2)
・Data signaling rate(Up/Down more than 2Mbps)
Notice : It does not mean that you cannot participate unless you meet the requirements.
(But crack products are not acept in UMCS.)

About Shader-mod

We do not recommend Shader-mods.
We build world in Minecraft Vanilla. It is a request to prevent unintended expressions
(The screenshots are for personal use and we recommend that you use them temporarily.)