Server Rules

Welcome to Universal Minecraft Studios, most exciting theme park destination!
To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for you and all other fellow guests, please respect the following rules.
Please respect guests and crew members with your common sense.
If you are underage, we kindly ask your parent/guardian to supervise your children all the time. Even we implement security features, the parent/guardian must be responsible to their children’s activity and safety.

This rules and regulations apply to our all servers, as well as websites, systems, discord etc (“the park”), unless otherwise specified.
If you have any questions, please cosult a crew member.

Photography/Recording Policy

All photographs and records taken by our guests are to be used for their personal use and enjoyment only.
We reserve the copyrights of any kind of data, including but not limited to map data. Any use, reuse, duplicate, copy or sell without the written consent of UMCS is strictly prohibited.
No photography, recording are allowed within attraction facilities and show facilities (including queue area).
Streaming is not allowed without the written consent in advance.
We would appreciate if you include our server name and/or web site when you upload your photography/recordings.
We may photograph, film, record or otherwise reproduce  the image/video/voice of any person who enters the park and use them for any purpose without payment/compensation to any person.
We reserve the right to deny photograph and/or recording without prior notice.

Prohibited Mod/Account

Modded Client
Any modded clients which allow you to download our map, show, images, sounds, resourses is not allowed. Also clients which allow you to fly, speedhack, x-ray, spamming, any kind of hack will be instantly banned.
Use of clients which gives you an unfair advantage may be punishable by the judgement of a crew member.
Shared/Sold/Transfered Accounts
We do not allow the sharing of Minecraft accounts, even among family members.
The account which was publicly sold or transferred is also strictly forbidden.
This is because selling accounts is a common way to evade bans.
Attack or Attack-prep Against Servers
Any kind of attack or attack preparation including but not limited to (D)Dos attacking, port scanning, attempt of unauthorized commands is strictly forbidden.
In case you found a vulnerability or an exploit, plase contact us. Awards will be given.
Alt Accounts
If you previously get banned because of failure to comply to rules above, you cannot use the alt accounts while the punishment is active.

Skin Policy

Proper attire must be worn at all times. We reserve the right to deny admission or require the person wearing attire that we consider inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other guests to leave the park.
Costumes or skins worn by guests must be visibly different from that worn by crew members or entertainers.

Chat Policy

We have no tolerance policy against these kinds of offensive language and will result in a punishment including but not limited to a ban.
Discrimination based on gender, national origin, religion, age, disability, race, sexual identity, sexual orientation or any kind
Sexual sensitive chat
Any kinds of chats which will lead to identity theft
Spamming and excessive capital letters

Prohibited Activities

Advertising, selling, giveaway, soliciting of any kind
Disrespect to guests or crew members
Attempt to break blocks or steal something
Unauthorized button/lever handling
Tresspassing to crew members’ area or out of the park area

Failure to follow and comply with these rules may result in disciplinary action,
such as removal from the park or deny admission